The Future of Transportation 2018

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O projecto Flexcraft vai estar presente na próxima edição do Future of Transportation World Conference com o seguinte tema:

FLEXCRAFT: V-TOL Hybrid Aircraft for Flexible Operation

FLEXCRAFT is a VTOL, hybrid aircraft concept platform able to support passenger and logistics markets. The project focuses on developing three technological building blocks which address the Mobility changes in the future: Flight and Operation, including VTOL capability and hybrid electric propulsion; Versatility and Usability, including innovative design concepts for the interior; Materials and Production Processes, to enable low-cost production technologies. FLEXCRAFT consortium includes Industry partners and Research institutes – Almadesign, Embraer Portugal, IST, INEGI, SETsa and support from Embraer – in the fields of industrial design, aeronautical engineering, process engineering and aircraft manufacturing.

19 e 20 Junho 2018, Köln Messe, Cologne, Germany.

Mais informação: http://www.thefutureoftransportconference.com