ALMADESIGN is a Portuguese industrial design company with expertise at project-level (new product development) as well as in design management (structuring product development methodologies and implementation of industrial innovation processes).
The focus of Almadesign’s activity is the development of user-centred, technology-based solutions for Transport (Aeronautical, Rail, Road and Nautical), Industrial Equipment, Electronic Devices, Furniture and Interiors.


Instituto Superior Técnico intends to contribute to the development of society by promoting higher education in architecture, engineering and science and technology, as well as carrying out research, development and innovation (RD & I) activities that are essential for teaching at the highest International standards.


SETsa – Sociedade de Engenharia e Transformação SA, a company of the IBEROMOLDES Group founded in 1989, is a benchmark in engineering services and value added products that has been operating in highly demanding areas of industrial activity, such as the automotive, aerospace and medical devices sectors.
SETsa offers integrated solutions ranging from product design and engineering, through moulds and tooling, to the production and supply of complete systems and functional components in the most varied thermoplastics and metals.


Embraer Portugal S.A. is a company that is 100% owned by the Embraer Group, which owns 100% of the capital of both Embraer Centres of Excellence for Metallic Aerostructures and Composites located in Évora’s Aviation Industrial Park.

In their respective areas, these two industrial companies are specialized in the manufacturing of aeroestructures and critical parts, large in size and / or complexity.

Internally, Embraer S.A. includes an Engineering Center known as the Embraer Engineering and Technology Centre, capable of performing integrated product development, engineering support to production and Research and Development activities.


INEGI is an interface institution between universities and industry founded in 1986 out of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management of FEUP. Centred on innovation and technology transfer activities towards the industrial sphere, INEGI has consolidated its position as partner to industry in R&D projects.



Embraer is currently one of the largest aerospace companies in the world. With more than 47 years since its establishment, it handles the design, development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales support of aircraft for commercial and business aviation, as well as offering integrated defence and security solutions and systems.

With offices and factories in various parts of the world and more than 5,000 aircraft sold in all continents, Embraer S.A. leads the up to 130 seat commercial jet market, being the fifth largest manufacturer of business jets in the world and the largest defence and security solution company in Brazil.

It is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and the BM & FBovespa Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE), which are composed of companies that have the highest standards of governance and sustainable management.

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